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Discovering Costa Rica’s best spotting places for birdwatching

Bird Watching Trips

If you are visiting our country for the very first time and you are passionate about birds, this 12-day tour will give you the opportunity to see, photograph and add to your list some exotic species that you can find during the migration season in the different regions highlighted for bird watching.

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We begin with Tortuguero area in the Caribbean, a region of great biodiversity that will give you an introduction to the wonderful world of birds and other wild animals. We continue to Boca Tapada in the North Zone, where more than 400 species of birds have been identified, including Roseate Spoonbill, Jabiru, White Ibis, Agami Heron, various species of toucans and the Great Curassow.

Later we visit Monteverde, with its biological reserve and world-renowned place for sighting the Resplendent Quetzal. The Carara National Park will give you the opportunity to see the beautiful scarlet macaws, while you move to the Central Pacific where we will end the tour in the beautiful area of Manuel Antonio, another of the essential destinations for a first trip to our country and for the observation of birds.

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Day 1


Arrival at Juan Santamaría International Airport. Our driver will wait for you and will take you to the city of San José, where you will stay for 1 night in 1 standard room.

San José, the capital of Costa Rica, offers many different attractions, although tourists generally visit it only as a connection point. The Central Valley is where the majority of Costa Ricans live, it includes the provinces of Cartago, Alajuela, Heredia and San José that are guarded by a ring of mountains and volcanoes.

Day 2


Tortuguero National Park is located in the northeastern part of the territory. It is one of Costa Rica’s natural signatures because it is world renowned for protecting the most important nesting beach for green turtles in the Western Hemisphere.

After breakfast, a hotel guide from Tortuguero will pick you up at your staying in San Jose. The drive includes passing through the tunnel along Route 32 and crossing the imposing mountains that formed the Braulio Carrillo National Park.

We will make a strategic stop, at approximately 8 a.m., at the Rio Danta Restaurant located in Guápiles to use the restrooms and have a snack. From there, our adventure continues to: La Pavona pier in Guápiles, or if necessary due to weather conditions, the Caño Blanco pier in Siquirres (La Pavona is our main port of operation).


At 11 a.m. arrival at the pier, where you will have a chance to purchase soft drinks or a snack and use the restroom. Afterwards we will board the boat from the Lodge, for a trip of approximately one hour to Tortuguero (depending on the water levels, the time may vary). The first part of the tour is carried out by La Suerte River and later by the Tortuguero River and through the canals.


Arrival at the Lodge, where you will be welcomed by the hotel’s manager, and the continue to do the registration. Accommodation for 2 nights, 1 Standard room, full board.

Once you are all settled, proceed to meet your guide and group for lunch at the restaurant by the pool area (lunch is served from 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM).


The afternoon comes with a fantastic opportunity to explore the cute little town of Tortuguero on your own. Through this visit, learn more about this small community of approximately 350 families, their life style and their activities. This is a great spot to purchase unique souvenirs made by the local artisans.


Is Dinner time! We meet again at the restaurant for souper. Buffet style from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The schedule of activities may vary, your guide will confirm the agenda promptly.

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Day 3


Nothing like starting your day immersed in an exotic jungle and with an amazing breakfast! Available from 7:30 am to 9:00 am.

This morning, (the schedule will be previously confirmed by your guide, usually around 9:30 am), you will take a walk through the hotel gardens to learn more about the plants of the tropical forest.

12:30 pm. We meet for lunch at the restaurant.

2:00 p.m. (At the time previously indicated by your guide) We meet for the boat excursion through the Tortuguero National Park canals. Entrance to the park ($15 + 13% tax,) included. As you travel the canals, discover the unique biodiversity that makes this experience so unique. We recommend that you bring your poncho and raincoat (it can rain at any time in the Rain Forest even when is looking sunny). We will return at approximately 4:15 p.m. for free time before dinner at 7:30 p.m.

The activities are organized directly at the hotel and the guide will inform you of the specific times.

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Day 4


Breakfast at the Lodge at approximately 8:30 a.m. We will meet at the reception area for check-out at 9:00 am. Then back to the pier.


Arrival at the dock, take advantage of the restrooms and convenience stores, before boarding the bus that will take you to Guápiles.


There is a stop at the local restaurant for lunch. After a delicious lunch, the trip continues to the beautiful area of Boca Tapada where you will stay in a standard room for 2 nights-3 days with breakfasts included.

The charming Lodge is the best place for nature lovers, within a mixed National Wildlife Refuge with more than 50,000 hectares, bordered by wetlands and the Majestic San Carlos River.

You will experience the simply amazing and spectacular feeling of being immersed in the tropical jungle, we ensure an unforgettable experience!

For a more unique and closer experience with nature, we recommend you staying in the rooms built on top of the trees.

About the area:

The plains and mountains of the North are part of this region, the mountains of Guanacaste and Tilarán, the plains of Guatuso, San Carlos and Sarapiquí, extending to the border with Nicaragua are surrounding Boca Tapada, which is also located very close to the Arenal Volcano, one of the most iconic in Costa Rica.

Bird Watching Trips
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Day 5



Breakfast included! Today we’ll offer you a very special tour! Exploring the beautiful views and birds of this unique area.

Boca Tapada, located within the Maquenque Mixed Refuge. It is a world-famous area for bird watching, not only because of its impressive variety, but also due to the fact that this amazing place offers the opportunity to spot very rare species. For example, during the nesting season, is possible to spot the rare Agamí heron.

Additionally, there are several species of toucans, tanagers, hummingbirds, owls and much more. Another interesting attraction is undoubtedly going in search of the Green Macaws, which inhabit this area. These large birds make their nests in tree trunks, and our guide is an expert in finding them.

As for amphibian and reptile species, it is also a privileged area. One of the species that always awakes the attention of our visitors, is the Red-Eyed Frog, which has become an icon of the tropical rain forest.

Viajes de Observación de Aves
Viajes de Observación de Aves

Day 6


Breakfast included.

Today you will leave the beautiful area of Boca Tapada, towards the cloudy mountains of Monteverde, but before that, you will indulge yourself in a relaxing stop in one of the most incredible hot springs of the area, afterwards continuing to Monteverde where you will stay in a standard room for 3 nights- 4 days with breakfasts included.

About the area:

Monteverde is world famous for its cloud forest. There are now two Reserves, the original Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and the new Santa Elena Rain Forest.

Here, you will experience the mystical climate of the cloud forest and walk the paths among the magnificent trees laden with epiphytes. More than 450 species of birds have been discovered in the Monteverde area. Native birds are joined at certain times of the year by those that migrate from North America. The magnificent resplendent quetzals with their long tails feed at various locations in the area and you can sometimes hear the “bong” of the bellbirds. Keep an eye out for life and activity in the treetops – many species of monkeys, birds, snakes, you might be surprised!

Viajes de Observación de Aves
Quetzal. Aves bellas y exóticas, turismo de Naturaleza

Day 7




Breakfast included.

The day starts with the unique melody of exotic birds singing and the smell of fresh coffee, followed by a tour to explore the beautiful views and birds of the area.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience discovering the cloud forest. At lower elevations, the Curi-Cancha Reserve covers humid lowland montane forest, while at higher altitude you’ll find premontane cloud forests.

The reserve protects a number of impressive bird species, including the resplendent quetzal, orange-bellied trogon, keel-billed toucan, blue-crowned and blue-throated golden-tailed motmot. Besides the birds, you might as well spot armadillos, anteaters, three-toed sloths, coatis, white-faced capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, and tarantulas.

Five trails meander through this conservation area, ranging in length from 1 to 2.2 kilometers and come in close contact with the flora and fauna of the reserve. Please notice the trails can get muddy and slippery after rain, so be sure to wear sturdy shoes when you visit the reserve.

There are several excellent viewpoints along the way. Some trails go through grassy areas that are great places to spot animals. Birds often come to the edge of the forest or roost in individual trees that are rooted in open ground. This makes it a nice low-key place for your visit.

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Day 8



After a delicious breakfast, (included), get ready for a day full of adventure, as you get to explore Monteverde from a very different perspective, from the top trees in an unforgettable Hanging Bridges tour.

About the tour:

Live an exceptional experience with this spectacular adventure that combines the fun of the ride and self-guided hike through the forest canopy with the peace and quiet of a beautiful butterfly and sloth center. A perfect match for a true nature lover.

Day 9



Breakfast included. Get your sunglasses and beach hat ready!

Today we will hit the road again, as you intake the beautiful views of Monteverde for one last time, you will feel the change in the temperature as we get closer to the Central Pacific coast.

The Central Pacific region is probably Costa Rica´s most popular area, goes from north of Jacó to south of Manuel Antonio. This narrow coastland is surrounded by beautiful beaches and lush forestation, giving travelers the perfect combination between adventure and relaxation.

On the way we will make a strategic stop, for you to enjoy a bird watching tour at Carara National Park. This National Park is 90 km from San José, its name means “River of lizards” in the indigenous Huetar Language. Its location makes it perfect to stop by, weather you are traveling in the area or as a one-day visit.

What makes this national park so interesting is that is the only Transition Forest in the Central Pacific region, resulting in a variety of dry-humid forest species of flora and fauna.

Carara is a very well know birdwatching destination, with the distinctive Scarlet Macaw (Lapa Roja – Ara macao, an endangered species.

After finishing this tour, you will continue to Manuel Antonio, staying for 3 nights in a studio room, breakfasts included.

About Manuel Antonio:

Located in Quepos, with its green mountains, sandy beaches and exotic wildlife this place makes the promise to captivate your senses. This is where the jungle meets the beach and offers you a very unique scenery.

Manuel Antonio is a picturesque little town, which offers a variety of hotels, restaurants, nightlife, culture and nature activities as well as the famous National Park.

Costa Rica beaches

Day 10



Today we offer a thrilling visit to the Rainmaker reserve, a perfect place to discover a great deal of flora and fauna.

This hike offers an ecological and educational approach, with the perfect mix of adventure, education and nature. The naturalist guide will lead you through trails carved directly into the jungle. The pace of this adventure is determined by your skills and interests, you can often stop to see in detail all the wildlife around you. With every step, you will immerse in the primary tropical forest, discovering exotic plants and wildlife, making of this a highly personalized and therapeutic experience.

There are natural pools along the trails, you are welcome to take a swim in the pristine refreshing cold water. This protected area makes you feel a deep connection with nature and due to its excellent location, (near Manuel Antonio National Park), allows you to discover a while range of biodiversity, nonetheless in a way that protects the delicate balance between preservation and ecotourism.

Caminatas en la Naturaleza Costa Rica
Birdwatching Costa Rica

Day 11



Today you’ll get to explore the mountains of Quepos. Led by a “Greentique” certified birdwatching specialist, you’ll see why Cloudmaker is a must-see birding destination, for birdwatchers all around the world.

The Cloudmaker conservation area, and the surroundings of Santa Juana town offer a rich mix of species endemic to the Central and South Pacific regions of Costa Rica, as well as native species of the foothills of the Talamanca Mountains. Among its 150 species of birds is the red-headed manakin, known locally as Michael Jackson’s bird for its amazing moonwalk mating dance.

There are also white hawks, yellow-headed and crested caracaras, grey-necked wood rails, southern lapwings, purple redfish, black-jawed toucans, fire-billed aracaris, pale-billed woodpeckers, royal flycatchers, swallow-tailed kites, forest storks, king vultures and tufted guans.

During the peak of the migration season, the reserve welcomes more than 250 species of birds, as well as the auditory resonance of their voices.

More than 80% of the birds can be found all year round. The same number of birds breed twice a year, making possible for visitors to enjoy their enchanted mating songs. At the end of the trail, slip into the cool waters of a pristine natural pool, fed by a spectacular waterfall before returning to the lodge for a Campesino lunch.

Birdwatching Costa Rica
Parque Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Day 12


Breakfast included.

Is time to go back home. Transportation to the International airport, we’ll be offered accordingly to your flight schedule.

Package includes:


  • 1 Night in San José, standard room, breakfasts included.
  • 2 Nights in Tortuguero, 3 days- 2 nights package, standard room, food pension.
  • 2 Nights in Boca Tapada, standard room, breakfasts included.
  • 3 Nights in Monteverde, standard room, breakfasts included.
  • 3 Nights in Manuel Antonio, standard room, breakfasts included.


  • Bird Watching in each of the mentioned destinations.
  • Hot springs.
  • Hanging bridges.
  • Carara National Park.
  • Rainmaker Reserve.
  • Santa Juana visit.

  • All transfers to different destinations.
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