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canopy san lorenzo
Definitely an adventure you can’t miss. We depart the city towards the mountains that surround the Central Valley, with scenery of spectacular vegetation and extensive coffee plantations, ornamental plants and picturesque typical towns of Costa Rica. As we ascend, we will enjoy the climatic changes of our country.
This is an experience that is enjoyed only once, as we slide from one platform to the next flying thru the canopy. Canopy San Lorenzo is located in the middle of a tropical forest reserve in a beautiful area full of orchids, bromeliads and other ornamental plants.
The sliding cable is divided into two parts:
-The forest section, which starts with small cables so the passenger will acquire confidence while admiring the forest’s canopy and
– The adventure section, with much longer cables suspended from high platforms that require large doses of adrenaline.
The total length of the cable is 2500 meters or 8.202,10 ft. There are 19 platforms and the San Lorenzo Canopy offers a 750-meter or 2.460,63 feet cable, the longest one in the country.
From one platform to the next the guide will explain the most important features of the forest. Finally, after only a short walk, we will have a delicious lunch in the restaurant Gran Vista.
Departure Time: 9:00 a.m. approx
Length of tour: 7 hours
We recommend: bring camera, light clothes, comfortable shoes and insect repellent

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