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Café Britt’s plantation in Heredia, one of Costa Rica’s major tourist attractions, has been sharing our passion for the finest coffees with over 500,000 friends, amateurs and coffee lovers from all over the world since 1991. Our experts lead the way on an enjoyable journey through the world of coffee. Discover coffee’s colorful history and the process that transforms the red coffee cherry into the delicious beverage we enjoy every morning. During this one-of-a-kind journey, our visitors enjoy: A warm welcome with a delicious cup of our cold “Coffee Heredia.” A visit to our organic coffee farm. A visit to the roasting factory. A demonstration of professional coffee tasting, called “cupping.” A fascinating stage show about coffee’s origins and expansion throughout the world, up to its arrival in Costa Rica.

Transportation and buffet lunch included.

Price $54.00

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506 2280-7457
506 2280-7459
USA 516-4225088

Physical address:
100 norte, 200 este,
100 sur del Colegio Don Bosco,
Zapote, San José, Costa Rica

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