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Tell me what you want from a vacation spot and I will bring you to Costa Rica for it.   Why? Because Costa Rica is beautiful like an island paradise. Located in central America, 

Costa Rica is a land based country, geographically with oceans on both sides .  It also has Lake Arenal, a very large freshwater lake bordering  a mountainous area. 

Costa Rica is  well-known for its amazing tropical beauty! 

Only a two and a half hour flight from Miami, FL USA!

Yes, there is city life for dancing, gambling, fine dining and that type of amenity in and around the centrally located city of San Jose, but the greatest attraction is the amazing terrain with oceanfront beaches on both the east coast and west coast and volcanos, mountains, and an amazing tropical rain forest in the north central area. 

 Because the government doesn’t maintain a military, this small country (known as the Switerland of the Americas) has great educational facilities and a 95% literacy rate (higher than the USA.) These lovely people are very sweet and helpful. 

There are competent hospitals with highly qualified medical staff and much of their budget goes to education and protecting the environment.

 You will also find beautiful islands, tennis, golf, water sports, fishing, surfing, tourist features, butterflies , 800 varieties of birds including hummingbirds  plus  zoos, museums, horseback riding, canopy tours (zip line), white water rafting.

The list goes on and on.

I can’t imagine a place that offers more beauty and activities all in close proximity! So many honeymoon plans are made with Costa Rica in mind as it is a honeymoon paradise!

Come see the beauty and enjoy warmth for yourself. A great place for the whole family!



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